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CIGARS OF CUBA - Established 1890

A Tribute To Ernesto's Favourite Cigars

A Tribute To Ernesto's Favourite Cigars

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When Ernesto Che Guevara arrived in Cuba with Fidel his asthma was so severe he was huddled in the corner of the invasion boat "Granma" for most of the trip.
His asthma continued unabated and forced him to march in the rear. Despite his pride, a fellow soldier would carry his backpack, and at times even his spent body, over his shoulders.

A peasant suggested he smoke "campana" flowers, which, according to country wisdom, relieved shortness of breath.

Although it didn't work, it did induce him to try his first cigar, which he smoked in a moment of joy upon rejoining the main guerrilla force. The month was December 1956. Che Guevara was 28 years old. His love affair with cigars had begun.

Fidel introduced him to the cigar that was to become the Cohiba Corona Especial, He also liked the Montecristo and H. Upmann cigars in a larger ring gauge and a figuerado shaped Partagas cigar.

So we have put together our modern take on these cigars as a sample of great quality Havanas with a reference to two of the most famous revolutionaires from history Che and Fidel;

One Cohiba Coronas Especiales; 6 inch by 38 ring Gauge
Castros Favourite cigar says a lot about this quality smoke from Havana.
A well balanced cigar perfect for smokers seeking to cultivate their palate with more complex flavours.sophisticated mixture of medium tobacco layered with stronger, spicy tobacco. Coffee, vanilla and cocoa mingle with licorice and cedar creating an intriguingly smooth smoke in the mouth.

One Montecristo Edmundo; 5 1/3rd inch by 52 Ring Gauge
A Medium spicy cigar, the most famous and popular Cuban cigar, with hints of Cinammon and Cedar and a Cocoa finish.
An excellent cigar, enjoy on its own or with a good Malt.
Montecristo - Medium to full flavour. Introduced in 1935 by the H. Upmann factory. Montecristo appeared first in just sizes described by numbers not names

One H Upmann Magnum 46; 5 5/8ths inch by 46 Ring Gauge
A light and creamy smoke, very smooth, ideal daytime cigar that finishes with a rich nutty undertone, earthy, toasted tobacco flavours. Superb draw.

One Partagas Presidente; 6 1/4 inch by 47 Ring Gauge
The Partagas Presidente is a Double Figurado in shape. This creates a uniquely different experience and represents a vitola that is increasingly difficult to format. Only the best of the best Cuban rollers work on this format.

Ramon Allones Specially Selected ; Size 4 7/8 x 50
This robusto size Ramon Allones cigar is loaded with character. This is a classic Cuban cigar, a medium to full bodied cigar, hints of cedar and coffee flavours.

These may not be the best known of the Havana brands, but they are among the most respected by connoisseurs, consistently ranking at the top of the medium priced Cuban cigar range. Rolled in the Partagas factory, these cigars will not disappoint those looking for complex, deep flavours. Characteristics of the brand include lovely dark wrappers, excellent construction, perfect burning qualities, a rich flavour and wonderful aroma.

El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme; Length: 5 inch by Ring Gauge: 48
Flavour: Light to Medium
Light almost flowery notes make this cigar a great introduction to Cuban cigar smoking, not too strong also ideal for the connoisseur looking for a daytime smoke or pre-dinner cigar.

Gift Boxed with complimentary cigar cutter