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Magnificent Seven Cigar Selection – Deluxe Gift Box


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Seven of the finest Limited Edition and UK Regional Specials available:

Bolivar Belgravia UK Regional 5 1/4 inches (130mm) by 55 ring gauge
The Bolivar Belgravia is named after the area where we attended the Hunters & Frankau’s 225th Anniversary party on 19th 2015.
In Belgrave Square stands the only statue in the UK of Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan military and political leader who played a huge role in liberating much of South America from Spanish rule. His portrait can be found on every box of Bolivar cigars as the brand was named after him in 1902 when it was introduced.

Montecristo No2 Length: 6 1/8″ Ring Gauge: 52
The most famous Cuban cigar favoured by aficionados for its strength of flavour, a powerful cigar with a rich cedar and leather base, spicy but yet still creamy smooth from start to finish.
Flor De Cano Gran Cano Length: 5.50″ Ring Gauge: 50
Hunters & Frankau has once again selected Flor de Cano to provide a Regional Edition for the United Kingdom. This time the cigar is considerably larger. The Gran Cano measures 5 ?” (141mm) x 50 ring gauge, the size known as a Gordito within the factories of Cuba.

Punch Medalla de Oro – UK Regional Speciality 2012
UK regional edition Havana cigar: Punch Medalla De Oro. (Gold Medals) The UK Punch will be a limited edition of 3000 boxes exclusive to the UK market and presented in boxes of 10 cigars. Each Cigar dressed in three quarter length gold foil, embossed with the date of release (2012).

Ramon Allones Hunter & Frankau Aniversario 225 Ring gauge 50 x 5?” in length
Hunters & Frankau Ltd – the sole distributors of Cuban cigars in the United Kingdom – have commissioned a very special cigar to mark the occasion of their 225th Anniversary. The Ramon Allones Aniversario 225 is a “Gordito” size with a ‘CabezaTumbada’, or ‘Dropped Head’, typical of the shapes that were made during the early days of the brand.

Ramon Allones Club Allones Limited Edition 2015 Length: 5 3/8″ Ring Gauge: 47
The Ramon Allones Club Allones is the second and final 2015 Habanos Limited Edition to arrive in the UK The cigars are made with dark, oily wrappers which are aged and selected especially for Limited Edition cigars.

Punch Serie D’Oro No. 2 – Limited Edition 2013 Length: 5.51″ Ring Gauge: 52
This Edici?n Limitada 2013 has been produced in very small quantities. All the Habanos were made by Cuba’s most expert rollers in order to create this exquisite Habano for the most distinguished smokers.

Deluxe Gift Box and Free Cigar Cutter


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