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Exclusive Cuban Cigar Sampler – Gift Boxed


Montecristo Dantes Edicion Limitada

6 inch   Ring Gauge  48 

The long and eagerly awaited Montecristo Dantes has finally been released and are available for sale, albeit a few months late. The Dantesis a 2016 Limited Edition and are presented in SBN boxes containing 10 cigars, each dressed with the Edition Limitada second band. The cigar is a Hermoso No.1  and the Dantes will be the first cigar of this vitola to be represented in the iconic Montecristo marque.

H. Upmann Propios Limited Edition 2018 Cigar

Length: 4 3/4″    Ring Gauge: 46  

The Propios (vitola de galera: Mareva Gruesa) represents the 5th time the H.Upmann brand has been selected to be part of the prestigious Limited Edition series dating back to the launch of the concept in the year 2000.  Limited Edition cigars use only the finest tobacco leaves grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone in Cuba. Each leaf selected for use has been aged for a minimum of two years which melds and rounds the flavours and aromas to provide the distinct smoking signature associated with Limited Edition cigars

Montecristo La Linea 1935 Maltes

6 Inch and a ring gauge of 53

The Maltes is a Robusto extra with a length of  6 Inch and a ring gauge of 53.   The Montecristo Linea 1935. The Linea 1935 has been produced to celebrate the first year in which Montecristo cigars were released.  The Linea 1935 cigars are made with tobacco from the premium Pinar del Rio region. They are made in order to be the strongest Montecristo line on the market.

Por Larranga Galanes Robusto

Size  4 3/8ths inch by 52 Ring Gauge

The historic brand of Habanos created in 1834, presents the new vitola Galanes, which extends this brand’s range by incorporating a 52 ring gauge for the first time.  Por Larrañaga Galanes is the selected name for this new vitola (52 ring gauge x  4 3/8ths inch length) in line with current trend recently for larger ring gauge short robustos.  Galanes with the same factory name and regular shape are produced “ Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga ”  – Totally handmade with Long Filler and it is an attractive option for those who enjoy heavy ring gauges and light to medium strength Habanos.  A smooth slightly creamy smoke with hints of cedar to start, developing strength towards the end but never more than medium smoke in terms of strength

Cuaba Distinguidos

Length: 6 3/8″   Ring Gauge: 52 

Every Cuaba is made in the distinctive shape known as a double figurado, the style that at the end of the 19th Century was all the rage for Habanos.  Double figurados are at the pinnacle of the cigar makers’ art and for this alone they merit a place in every cigar enthusiast’s collection.Cuaba, like Cohiba, is a Taino Indian word dating back to the time of Columbus. It was their name for a highly combustible bush, which the Indians used to light their ‘Cohibas.’

Cohiba Siglo II

Length: 5 inch   Ring Gauge: 42

Classic Petit Corona from Havana, lighter than the standard Cohiba range but it still offers a smooth rich cigar full of complex flavours.
Hints of cocoa and nutmeg.


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