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Romeo Y Julieta Churchill Cigars – Untubed 25’s


Size 7 inches by 47 ring gauge.

A powerful cigar that begins the journey with a very smooth smoke. Winston Churchill was seduced, to the point of making it synonymous with his name. Smooth building to a strong smoke with complex flavours which include vanilla, coffee, tropical fruit, wood, cocoa, nuts, herbs and flowers!

Named after William Shakespeare’s tragic lovers, the origins of Romeo y Julieta as a Habano date back to 1875. Along with The Count Of Montecristo Book, Romeo and Juliet was a favourite book read to Torcedores as they rolled their fine hand made cigars. Consequently they named two of the most the most famous brands in the world after these classic stories.

The brand rose to international fame during the early years of the 20th Century under the direction of Don ‘Pepin’ Rodriguez, a talented promoter, who was amongst the first to recognise the power of the cigar band. During his hey day no less than 20,000 different bands were used in production.

Winston Churchill became a devotee of the brand. Following his visit to Havana in 1946, his name has not only been commemorated on a band but it has also served to describe the marque’s most famous size – Romeo y Julieta Churchills.

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