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Charatan Wilde Senorita Cigars – Pack of 5


  • Length: 102mm
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Flavour: Mild / Medium
  • Pack of 5 cigars

Charatan Cigars When James Rykers Freeman’s first factory opened in Cardiff in 1895 cigar making was a manual process from start to finish, from sizing and blending to the final rolling of the wrapper leaf. The process remained unchanged well into the early 1920s. Joining the Gallagher group in 1947 gave the company the funds it needed to modernise the cigar making process before going on to create a brand that would redefine the UK market, Hamlet in 1964.

Charatan Senorita Cigars Produced by J Cortes in Belgium, The cigars are rolled in a traditional factory with traditional care and attention in respect of the excellence of the leaf, the consistency of the finished cigar and the refinement and sophistication of the flavour. The blends are carefully conceived using cigar leaf from Cuba (for spiciness), Java (for richness), Maduro Brazil (for mellowness), Sumatra (for smoothness), with often as many as 15-20 carefully selected varieties.


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