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Royal Dutch Double Filter Fine Aromatic Dutch Cigars (10’s)


Length: 77mm
Diameter: 7mm
Filter Length: 30mm
Aromatic Cigars
Carbon Filter
Strength: Mild
Smoking Time: 6 Minutes

Ritmeester Cigars: The Ritmeester Moods Long Filter cigars are produced under the Danneman cigar manufacturer that has a great reputation and enjoys unrivalled success on the continent.

Royal Dutch Double Filter: The Royal Dutch Double Filter cigars are designed for those in-between moments when the day-to-day chores don’t leave enough time but you don’t want a short hot smoking miniature. The same length cigar as the standard Moods but a larger majority of the cigar is taken up by a Charcoal filter. This gives a smoother and cooler un restricted smoke than other filters in a short quick smoke. They do not require cutting and can be enjoyed straight out of the box.

Carbon Filter: The Royal Dutch double filter incorporates Carbon which has a very high surface area resulting in excellent absorption of the tar as the smoke passes through without affecting draw or flavour for a smoother cleaner tasting smoke.


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