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Dyfi Hybernation Gin 50cl


Hibernation Gin / 50cl / 45% Vol

Hibernation Gin introduces wild-foraged Autumnal botanicals including blackberries, bilberries, crab apples and lingonberries into a complex botanical mix, before precision-distilling, and ageing in a rare White Port barrel. A great sipping gin, or at the heart of a negroni.
Made In Wales

!!<>!! The Independent!!<>!!
Best New Gin 2017 award made to Hibernation Gin

Pete and Danny of Dyfi Distillery;

!!<>!!We distil in very small batches, using two small 100-litre stills. After looking at options from all over the world, our preference lay with a specialist still maker in Colorado. We further customized the stills after shipping, so we could challenge one or two conventions, whilst respecting the best of tradition.
The result is what we call Precision-Distilling. We have developed and adapted techniques which allow for maximum control over maceration temperatures, variable copper contact for distillation and much more besides. Our stills can move from maceration- to distillation-temperature in an incredibly short time, which also contributes to optimum extraction of essential oils.!!<


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